Ciara Spills the Beans on Producers For "One Woman Army" / by

Ciara was red hot when she attended the 2012 MTV Movie Awards last night. Last week, she unveiled the title of her new single which is called "Sweat" and she revealed the album title which is called "One Woman Army". She also gave fans a few promo pics to kick off the era.

Last night while on the red carpet, the songstress spilled the beans on who she worked with on her album. She revealed that she's worked with fresh producers as well as old ones and told us to expect to all kinds of things. She also hints that the new single should be arriving any second. Check out the clip below.

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Toyaz World

She just reveals too much!! She says she won't say much, but when she starts, she can't stop. That's the only thing that grinds my gears about her. Her mouth runs like a broken faucet. She clearly said that she won't reveal too much, but here it is she named like 4 producers.

You also knows that she goes on and on because the interviewer was about to cut it short and she added in the little thing about "Sweat".  She should have left it at that. But fans want to hear her reveal these things. I just think she should keep those lips closed until the song drops. Don't tell people what to expect, just let it smack them in the face.