Is Drake Really Gay? (Comedy Sketch by Juhahn Jones) / by

Comedy sketches are what's happening right now and there are so many of them on Youtube. Remember when I first brought you Darmirra Brunson and her hot videos about Rihanna, Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj? Well, now we have Juhahn Jones taking a stab at drizzy Drake.

It's called "Is Drake Really Gay (Part 1)" and Darmirra makes a cameo. A lot of people think he's soft and sweet and this video makes it no better. Take a peek and the hilarious clip after the break and then, ask yourself..."is Drake REALLY gay"?

I cracked the hell up when he dissed the hot chick and peeped the guy's ass. The way that the used the lyrics just makes it seem like the music was sang by a QUEEN. Those hand movements we're just extra gay.

I wonder if Drake actually does any of it? Because some guys do (BOW WOW) but they don't notice it. Since there's "part 1" in the title, I'm sure we will get a second dose. Who knows what he will come up with for that one. What did you think of the sketch? If you care to check out more of Juhahn's videos, go to his official Youtube page.