Jessica Ashley - "Prelude" EP / by

Remember back in April when I introduced you to the beautiful and talented Jessica Ashley? She released two of my favorite songs"Souvenir" and "Can't Help Loving You". They were simply just a taste of what she had in store for her EP called "Prelude".

Well, it's been released and it's epically great. The project features five great tracks and each of them shows off the different vocal abilities that the songstress has secured under her belt.  The EP is also available for purchase on iTunes so make sure that you go and buy your copy. Take a listen to the stellar music below.

I'm at a loss for words. I can't go on to just pick one of these five songs as my favorite because I love them all. I love her vocal ability. I love the way her harmonies flow. Her music just stands out better than a lot of the people that you hear on the radio.

Like I mentioned in a previous post about her, she does it all. She is a stellar writer and producer. Her music speaks to me in so many ways. It has meaning behind it. It stands for something. When I listen to these songs I just feel like a story is being told, a heartfelt one. Especially on "Finally".

I hope you enjoyed the E.P. Be sure to purchase it on iTunes and follow this lovely lady on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube & her official website. I give this E.P. an easy 5/5 stars!