Kelly Rowland Says New Single Is On The Way / by

Hotter than life Kelly Rowland has been laying low recording tracks for her brand new album which will be out later this year. The singer just performed for the Hot 1079 Birthday Bash with rapper Lil Wayne. The two hit the stage to perform their #1 hit "Motivation".

Afterwards, two ratched women caught up with the singer and questioned her about Trey Songz, new music, the album and a lot more. She stated the the new single will be out in just a few weeks. The performance is at the very end so check it all out below.

I thought home girl was gonna poke out Kelly's eye for a minute. That finger was just going! But it's good to hear the Kelly is pushing forward and FAST with this new album. I wonder what kind of music we'll get this time around? I'm still not the biggest fan of "Motivation" but I love some Kelly Rowland.