Nicki Minaj Calls Into The Funkmaster Flex Show & Goes In / by

By now, you've heard the drama behind Nicki Minaj and her fall out the with Hot 97 Summer Jam crew. Particularly Funkmaster Flex and Peter Rosenberg. She pulled out of the show last minute due to disses thrown at her.

The barbie called into the station and addressed the situation at hand and boy did she read Funk. She got him together real good. You have to listen to it because she was going strong. This was an hour long talk that they had and it was just full of juice. Listen in after the break.

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All I have to say is that why be some where when you're not wanted? Because if I'm not wanted, my ass is out. I called it out earlier that people shouldn't be upset with Nicki because it wasn't her decision. It was all Lil Wayne but no one is coming for him and Nicki made that clear.

Funk went on to say that he was not afraid of Lil Wayne. I don't like the fact that he kept cutting her off and kept saying give him 2 seconds to let him talk. I guess he was upset about the fact that nothing could be done to fix the situation and get them to perform.

She explained the situation, after not being able to talk for about 8 minutes and cleared it up. Long story short, I don't like Funkmaster Flex because he pretty much defended everything that his camp did. The interview was pointless and it didn't solve anything.

He kept talking over her and yelling and being obnoxious during the session and it's like, why have her on the show if you're not going to let her talk? She GOT HIS ASS TOGETHER about her album sales and everything else!

The good thing about it all is that Nicki will be providing a free show to her fans in New York that didn't get to see her at the summer jam which is pleasing to hear. Funk can kiss ass! I'm standing behind Nicki 100% on this issue.