Nicki Minaj Tweets Her Frustrations About Yvette Wilson's Death / by

There's no doubt that the urban world has in shocked aftee learning about Yvette Wilson's death yesterday. The former star of th hit shows Moesha and The Parkers lost her battle with cervical cancer yesterday after it hit stage four.

Nicki Minaj learned of the death and wasn't pleased. She went to twitter and gave President Obama a few choice words about America's Health Care coverage. She doesn't understand why the sick and poor should have to pay medical bills if they can't prevent something like cancer from happening. Check  it out below.

Necole Bitchie

She makes a lot of sense. But we all know why America won't provide free health care coverage. That would probaby cramp the U.S.A. and rock all kind of stocks and send everything downward spiraling. Simply because we know that America feeds off of medicine. That's where the true money and power lies. Who they provide cures and medicine free, who knows what will happen.

It sucks because we all know that there's a cure for everything that's man-made. Cancer, I believe is man-made and there's a cure for it. But why give out the cure when millions can be made for just "treating" the disease? Craziness.