Nintendo Wii U - Details Released / by

For those of you who don't know, I'm a gamer. If I'm not sleep, at work, or blogging, I'm most likely somewhere playing my Nintendo 3DS or my Playstation 3. I owned a Nintendo Wii a few years ago and I absolutely loved it.

Now, all the talk about Nintendo's latest offering, Wii U, simply excites me with all of the cutting edge technology that it has. The E3 even is literally hours away but earlier today, Nintendo gave the world a sneak peak on what to expect from their next gen console. Check it out below.

Here are a few highlights that I found interesting for Nintendo's new system.

Wii U's Prototype (not the finished product)
Above is the spitting protoype image of the Wii U. It's not the finished product, but just an image of what to expect when the official system is available. Like it's older brother, it's small and white. It has a slightly different shape. The only thing revealed about the core piece of the hardware so far, is that it will indeed support full 1080p HD. It will also fully support the regular Nintendo Wii games, as well as the Wii Remote and Nunchuck.

Wii U's Game Pad
Last year at E3, this gadget was known as the Wii U Controller. It's official name is the Game Pad. This is the remote controller that will come packaged with the Nintendo Wii U when it's released in the near future. The Game Pad it's self is very essential to the system because it's packed full of features.

As you can see, in the picture above, it acts as a remote controller for a standard HD television. So not only will the Game Pad control the Wii U, it will also contol the t.v. that it will be played on. Pretty cool huh?

It's also touch screen, like most devices. It has a built in webcam for video conferencing (which you will see in the video below) and it will also support different applications along with a complete web browser. You know, like the average tablet.

The other cool thing about the Game Pad is that it's interactive with the video games on the Wii U. The screen provides an entire different world of game play. It can also be used as a portable gaming system. 

Wii U Pro Controller
Next up, is the official Wii U Pro controller. It looks strikingly similar to that of an X-BOX 360 remote doesn't it? This will be offered seperately for gamers that want to indulge into hours of game play.

There we're so many other cool things revealed but I'll just let you watch the video below for yourself. It's all just so exciting!! I can only do so much explaining, you'd have to watch for the full experience.

I can't wait for their entire E3 presentation. I just hope they give us a release date so that I can start saving my coins, because I just have to get this. I love the socail intergration. They didn't something enterly different. Most people that that they we're going to go the route that PS# and X-Box went with Gamers tag and PSN tag, but they didn't.

They created an entire Nintendo community. It's crazy. More details will be revealed as E3 gets under way so stay tuned. That video was only the beginning.