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We've seen 3D come and sweep America off of it's feet. Practically every movie that has been released was filmed in 3D. Even movies with no special effects are in 3D. But it looks as if that will be a thing in the past. A Korean company is looking to introduce 4D technology to the United States.

The company is called CJ Group and they have introduced Thailand, Mexico and South Korea to the 4D theaters. Audiences have been able to enjoy Men In Black III, The Avengers and a few other movies with this new 4D technology. What does the 4D consist of? Find out after the break.
I'm glad you asked. The 4D technology will hopefully start to arrive across the United States towards the middle of 2013 but won't be complete until 2017. They theaters will consist of moving, thrusting seats, smell-o-vision; which is able to replicate smells like burning rubber, sea water, fragrances, gasoline and more, artificial wind, vapor, mist and more. It's also rumored to feature actual wet rain.

For $8 more than the average 3D film, movie goers can experience the film in 4D. Check out the report below.

CJ Group, the South Korean conglomerate behind Asia’s largest theater chain, is finalizing a deal that will bring 4D theaters to New York, Los Angeles, and other major cities this year, reports the L.A. Times.
What, pray tell, is involved in this fourth-dimension? Glad you asked! For $8 more, viewers are treated to thumping “back ticklers,” flashes of strobe lights, and smell-o-vision resurrected from the 1960s. Audiences in Thailand, Mexico, and South Korea are already experiencing its 4DX system while watching Hollywood blockbusters like “The Avengers” and ”Men in Black 3.”
CJ Group’s longterm plan is to broker a deal with “a nationwide U.S. chain,” to build almost 200 theaters in the next five year years. But before you give up on a measly three dimensions, keep in mind these words of warning issued by Nerve the last time CJ Group promised to come to New York:
While watching Transfomers: Dark of the Moon, which created the 4-D world with extra-loud sounds and the sweet scent of burnt rubber, some movie patrons became nauseous and even went temporarily deaf. (Having experienced a 4-D film, straight from the source, in a Seoul cinema, I can attest to the jolting movements and detergent smells, which at once spilled and tainted the flavor of my popcorn.)

Count me in! I would love to experience this. I've read the smell-o-vision was out and flopped harder than Mary J. Blige's Burger King commercial. People just we're not feeling it. Not only that but it bothered some people. You see the warning message above. People wen't temporary deaf and became nauseous from the smells.

Be smart about this people. If you go to a place like this, you are not to be eating or drinking anything. Of course you will get sick while trying to eat popcorn and smelling fumes. Your popcorn will get rained on and wet. Hell, it could even get blown out of your hand from the wind pipes. It's kind of like riding a roller coaster.

The good thing is that when these theaters are built, they will support regualar 2D and 3D. The company is looking to come to the U.S. because they've seen nothing but success and have made millions in other countries. They think that America will feed into it which will make their pockets fatter. And I for one think that it will succeed here. What do you think? would you go see a 4D movie? I'd definitely go and be too geeked!