Beyoncé Did Not Want to Sit Next To Kim Kardashin at the BET Awards / by

Since Kanye West and Kim Kardashain have been dating over the past few months, word got out the Beyoncé isn't too fond of the attention seeking reality television star. Sources say that Kim does all that she can to get close to Bey, but she's just not having it. The little interactions that they do have is all for the cameras to save face and keep the peace.

According to Sandra Rose, Bey and Kim K. we're actually scheduled to sit next to one another during last nights award ceremony. A third party company was hired to usher the event and seat guest as they arrived. As the Carters arrived to their front row seating section, Beyoncé could be heard grunting through her teeth to Jay-Z saying....

"I am NOT sitting next to her!!"

That's what usher's heard from her after escorting the power couple to their seats. People in Bey's camp knows that she dislikes the singer and her mother because she feels that the Kardashians are using them for cheap publicity.

To pour salt into an open wound, it is said that Kim K. requested to be seated next to Beyoncé but it was politely denied. Which is why the two of the ladies we're sitting so far away from one another last night.

It's no secret that I don't "Keep Up With The Karashians". I just don't like them. Any of them. I just feel that they are famous for no reason. They don't do any damn thing. Someone needs to tell me why she is so damn popular. Yes, the sex tape with Ray J started it all, but come on, there has to be more. Why is the damn public so interested in their family?

It's easy for me to understand why Beyoncé doens't like her or want to have anything to do with her....I mean, who would? She just looked so out of place last night. She probably doesn't even know what BET is. I'm sure to keep Bey's image clean, we won't hear anything bad from her about the Kardashians. But what do you think? Does Beyoncé REALLY dislike Kim or is this the work of the media?