BLAST from the PAST: Murder Inc, Truth Hurts & Michelle Williams / by

It's about time for a BLAST from the PAST post only right here on Dimp-Zone! These are three songs that are near and dear to my heart and I'm sure you have jammed just as hard to these songs as I have in the past.

From the Murder Inc crew, you will see their hit "Down 4 U". I don't know if you remember Truth Hurts and her hit "Addictive". If not, I will most certainly refresh your memory. Last but not least is the lovely Michelle Williams with "We Break The Dawn". Get into it below.

I know you remember when they were on top of the music world. Murder Inc was untouchable and Ja Rule & Ashanti lead the pack with their infectious tunes. The song was produced by Irv Gotti and was a huge hit on the Billboard charts. The chart topper was released May 7, 2002 and peaked at #6 on the Hot 100. Ja Rule, Ashanti, Vita & Charlie Baltimore all laced the track with their vocals. Ashanti sang on the hook and Ja Rule rapped throughout the entire song so of course the two of them had the most air time in the video. I was so convinced that the two of them were fucking. They was all over each other in this video. I was in graduating 8th grade and entering high school when this hit. I remember this summer very well because I was at my dads all summer. The guys drove down the block bumping it in their cars, the video was on almost every day on 106th & Park as well as on the late night video airings. It's crazy now that none of them can catch a break. Where is Vita and Charlie Baltimore? Their albums never happened. I'm surprised they didn't rise from the grave to beef with Nicki Minaj about being the only female rapper in the game. This was probably one of the only songs I've ever heard or seen them both in. Ja Rule is still in jail I believe for failing to pay taxes and Ashanti is now a starving artist who's album will never see the light of day. Lets just relieve the magic of the early 2000's and watch. Even Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown made a cameo in the video. Check it out below.

Who could forget Truth Hurts? I know I can't because the song and video were just too hot! I should have put her on my One Hit Wonder list but I failed. I didn't even think about it until today. Her real name is Sheri Watson...I betcha didn't know that and she's now 40 years old...betcha didn't know that either. Her song "Addictive" was released in April of 2002 and managed to peak at #9 on Billboard's Hot 100 and #2 on the Hip-hop & R&B Charts. The track featured rapper Rakim who helped propel the track on the hip-hop side. I found the video very seductive and sensual. I can't really say the same about her...not that I'm calling her ugly, but she had some very strong facial features in this video. But she moved like an angel. I loved her gracefulness as well as the dancers. They were having a damn good time. I used to watch this video every time it played on BET. My grandmother used to like it as well. Back then, it was just something different and fresh to our ears. Relive the magic below.

Lastly, I bring to you all the lovely Michelle Williams, who I feel BIRTHED the entire dance movement. Her entire album "Unexpected" was just that, unexpected. It was released in 2008 when the dance and euro pop movement was just beginning. This was around the time Lady Gaga released her "Fame" album and Chris Brown was dancing to "Forever". It was all the beginning and since then, we've yet to hear the last of it. It still populates radio today.  I always told myself that Michelle was a little ahead of the game. If she held back and released the album a few months or even a year later, she would have been on top! Simply because her album was full of nothing but dance numbers. She was doing it, well before Lady Gaga and Katy Perry and Jessie J and whoever else you can think of. I just feel that she deserves a lot of credit for starting the euro-pop movement. A lot of her singles hit the top of Billboard's Dance Charts, but didn't make a dent on the Hot 100 which royally pissed me off. "We Break The Dawn" was s hot dance track written by Solange and that's the song I'm bringing back from the grave. Watch Michelle strut her stuff and catwalk throughout the video. Get into it below.

Hope you enjoyed! I love reliving the past through music. It's definitely a passion.