Brandy Performs At K104 + Talks To Access Hollywood / by

Brandy is embarking on her promotional rounds for her new album "Two Eleven.".  Her albums drops August 28th and is lead by the Chris Brown assisted single "Put It Down". For the past few weeks she's been sharing behind the scenes footage of her rehearsing along with photos.

She hit the stage at K104 radio station and gave fans a performance. She pulled out a record from her back catalog and shocked the hell out of me. She sang "Almost Doesn't Count" from her groundbreaking album "Never Say Never". Check out all the action below.

She looked great and sounded good. Watching this performance and hearing that old song made me realize why I liked her back in the 90's. I love all of her old tunes. I don't know why I've been giving her such a hard time. I'll try to stop. Maybe she needs to do more performances like this.

She needs to remind fans why the loved her in the first place. Sing and perform some of those old songs, you know, mix it up just a bit. The crowd was loving every moment of her and I have to say that I did too.

Recently, the singer also chatted with Access Hollywood. She spoke about her love and last days with the legendary Whitney Houston and how her death destroyed her heart. She also shared a quick look at some of the choreography for her "Put It Down" video with Chris Brown. Check it below.

She was putting it down! Who knew she could buss out some moves like that. I can't wait to see the finished project. She sent the internet wild when she released a photo from the set of the video rocking braids. She haven't worn those since the 90's.

She's been on her grind!! I'm starting to get excited an pumped about her return. #Putitdown!!