Britney Spears & Mariah Carey's HORRIBLE Promo Photos For X-Factor & American Idol / by

It's almost that time again. With the end of the Summer season comes new shows. X-Factor being one of them. The singing talent show will air it's mew season this fall along with a brand new face. Britney Spears. Then American Idol will air next January with it's latest snag, Mariah Carey.

Both of these women WERE powerful forces in music and now are simply starving artists. These photos prove my point. Britney looks horribly constipated while Mariah looks like someone wrapped a rubber-band around her waist to move all of her body fat to the top.

It's no secret why these women decided to judge on reality shows. It's simple. Singing and acting isn't where it's at for them, nor modeling for that case. Britney's career hit a standstill after her last tour was met with hateful reviews from critics and attendees. People we're unhappy with her performances.

Word on the street is that she's a mini Simon when it comes to being a judge. She spoke nothing but the truth and hurt some of the contestants feelings. Critics thought that she was going to be the sweetheart but think again. She turned heads and has many people talking.

Mariah, who hasn't been on a tour in decades (I kid), is simply using idol for the $18M that they paid her, as well as being in front of America for two nights a week so that her face can stay fresh on people's mind once her album comes out.

She will perform on Idol, not once, but maybe twice to promote herself. Her album will severely fail and she will quit idol. In that order. But I digress, these photos are god aweful horrible! Who knew that two once huge names in music would stoop to be judges on struggling television shows? NEXT!! They think the will revive their careers. One possibly will, the other...NOT!