Chris Brown Announces "Don't Judge Me" As New Single / by

Chris Brown's new album "Fortune" is definitely one of my favorites. I can listen to it from start to end without a problem. When I first heard "Don't Judge Me", which was produced by The Messengers, it instantly became my favorite song on the album and I was hoping that it would get the single treatment.

It looks like my prayers have been answered because it has now been selected as the 5th single from the album. That means a video will be shot for it and I hope that he'll feature my girl Sevyn in it because her vocals laces the track as well. Give the song a listen below.

The song is just so different. The production is just amazing. The click clacking that goes on in the background just mystifies me. It's one of the songs that just puts you in the mood for deep thought...well me at least.

The other thing I love is that he's singing without the auto-tune. He just sounds amazing without it. You can here his low raspy voice and that heavy lisp that he has just tops the song. I kind of wish that Sevyn was throughout the entire song instead of just the end. She adds that special something to the song. What do you think of the song?