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It's been just a few short weeks since Chris Brown and Drake had their little bottle throwing frenzy at a nightclub that has been since shut down to the damn ground. The two entertainers we're involved in a mini brawl which severely injured other club goers. Rumor has it that this happened all because over Rihanna.

Since then, Chris released a song called "I Don't Like" which was a diss to Drake, who has yet to respond. So last week, billionaire Alki David who is the CEO of FilmOn TV Networks and celebrity boxing promoter David Feldman suggested that Chris and Drake box out their difference inside of a ring. At first $1 Million was offer, now it stand at a cool $10 Million.

Chris Brown reportedly accepted this offer. If Drake accepts then the music world could see a boxing match between two of the most popular artists in music today. The winner would take home $9 Million and the loser leaves with $1 Million. Check out the article below.

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Jul 4, 2012 (GlobeNewswire via COMTEX)

[ www.FilmOn.TV ] Alki David, CEO of FilmOn.TV Networks and Celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman have released a joint statement regarding Chris Brown's agreement to enter the ring against Drake that was caught on camera by []

When asked if he would participate in the fight, Brown said, "Yeah, I would. I would." Brown's acceptance of the boxing opportunity comes after David offered to pay the winner of the fight $9 Million Dollars and the loser wins $1 Million. "We are very excited at FilmOn.TV that Chris Brown has accepted to fight his nemesis," said David.

"Should Drake accept the $ 10 Million Dollar challenge to go toe to toe for three rounds against Chris Brown, both fighters will be put through training leading up to the Las Vegas event in September. They will be trained by iconic names in professional Boxing history."

In a press conference on June 29, 2012, the Billionaire Media Mogul was set to make an offer to Chris Brown and Drake and surprised everyone by increasing his initial offer from $1 Million Dollars each of the stars to $10,000,000; the loser of the fight will receive $1 Million and $9 million will be awarded to the winner.

The winner is encouraged to donate a portion of the purse to the charity of their choice. This is the most phenomenal purse in celebrity boxing history. If there is no clear winner the audience will vote online at [ www.FilmOn.TV ] the web based interactive site where the event will be streamed alongside the televised pay-per-view event.

"I want these guys to settle their fight started at that nightclub in New York over pop star Rhianna and have something good come out of it," said David.

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I just wonder how true this is? Who would back down from a $10 million match? If you lose, you'll still win $1 million. I'd get in that ring and fight until I can't fight no more. But could you even picture Drake and Chris Brown fighting? I can't. They both seem too soft to fight.

All I know is that since Chris was able to put the beat down on Rihanna, he better lay the SMACK DOWN on Drake. If he doesn't then he will never be able to live it down. People will clown him for being able to beat and bruise up a fragile woman, but can't do the same to a man of his caliber.

I don't know who I would put my money on though, I just know that I would pay to see this one. The men behind this is smart for offering $10 Million because they could make a lot more than that. The would break even PLUS have an extra $10. There is so much money to be made from this it's ridiculous.

You could even make money from it! Who would you place a bet on? Who do you think would win?? Comment and vote below!