Chris Brown's "Fortune" Tops The Charts / by

Chris Brown scored another #1 album this time around. "Fortune" topped the charts landing in the number one spot but it only sold a depressing 134,000 copies. For someone of his career status, it's a bit disappointing to to see. It's not in his control though. All he can do is put out the music and hope that people will but it.

A few reasons I can think of why the album didn't hit off correctly are 1) there was no promotion. He stated that he would not be doing interviews this year and only wanted it to be about music. Clearly that had a negative impact. Because with no interviews, how in the hell would people know that your shit is coming out? 2) The constant album push backs. We was supposed to see this drop in March, but instead it saw the light of day in July. Within those four months, people lost interest.

Lastly would have to be single choice. That album is FULL of GREAT songs that could have easily set the radio on fire. Like "Stuck on Stupid", "Don't Wake Me Up" (which is the next single), "Party Hard" and a lot more. But first week sales aren't that important, lets see how it will do in the long run. We've seen 3rd and 4th singles skyrocket albums to the top before.