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There's no doubt in my mind that you and I have witnessed numerous of one hit wonders within the past few years and in my new Dissecting post, I've decided to resurrect a few of these people from their watery graves.

Some of these people I absolutely love and I hate to have to put them on blast, but this post calls for it. Below, you can check out 5 one hit wonders of my time span. For those of you who don't know, a one hit wonder is a person that had a hit song and it never happened again...no matter how hard they sang. Check out my top 5 list below.
5. Willow Smith "Whip My Hair"

You know that I love me some Willow, I really do and "Whip My Hair" was an anthem and a statement. The song peaked at #11 on the Hot 100 because it was just that hot. It was a urban banger. Children, teens and adults loved it. The song got her signed with Roc Nation, it sparked buzzed about a new album "Knees & Elbows". She was all over television; Oprah, Ellen .and many more. But after that single, it's been down hill ever since.

She released "21st Century Girl" and I knew of only one person that liked it, my bff Michelle. The song only manged to hit #99 on the Hot 100 and nothing more. There was a video for it and it failed harder than Christina Aquilera's comeback. After that she teamed with Nicki Minaj for "Fireball" which was an utter mess. I still have yet to watch the video for it. Her latest "I Am Me" is a favorite song of mine, but I know it won't chart.

So far, she's either known as the youngest member of the Smith clan, or the girl who sang "Whip My Hair". I pushed hard for her and I still am. But that's why she made my list.

4. Leona Lewis "Bleeding Love"

It hurts me to put her on my list list, but I have to face the truth. I'm a faithful fan of Leona Lewis, and if you are to, you would admit when I say she hasn't yet to secure a hit since "Bleeding Love" which was in 2007. It's been 5 long damn years since that release. "Bleeding Love" was the record breaking single from her album "Spirit". The other singles failed to match up to it's success, as well with the entire second album "Echo" which was a commercial failure.

I however, loved both albums from start to finish, but it seems as if I was the only one. I don't know what it will take for her to get another hit but she needs to get on the ball. She's still Simon's protegee so he needs to pull some strings and get her back into the mainstream before this new album becomes lifeless.

3. Jay-Sean "Down"

Yeah, I don't think he will ever score another hit. I think this song was just a lucky one. It was given to him as a new comer and it blew up. I'm not saying this to say that he's not talented, because he most definitely is. But we haven't heard any chart noise from him since this.

He's still trying though. He just released a new video with Tyga called "Sex 101" but I doubt that it catches on. No shade or anything to him, but it is what it is...

2. Cassie - "Me & U"

Now you know she was making my damn list. It's been six years. Six long damn years since this song came out ans Cassie has been trying her damn hardest to make a come back. But we simply don't want one. Music isn't her thing. She should stick to modeling or try acting. Her voice is just as stiff as a dead body in rigor mortis.

Her career is dead. She's living in the shadows of Diddy and he strings her along like the puppet that she is I don't dislike her, not one bit. I just think that she should give up this music thing. In February, she dropped the video "King of Hearts". It dropped to the pits of hell and never resurfaced again. The song didn't chart, no one asked her to perform it or anything.

It's like she puts out music and just says "fuck it!" She probably has like the a thousand songs recorded but can't put out an album. This is why she recently announced that she's putting out a mixtape. But we all know who's the queen of that. And that person has made the number one spot on my list.

1. Teairra Mari - "How To Make A Girl Feel"

Teairra Mari tops my One Hit Wonder list. Back in 2005, this was my jam!! I wore this out. She was Jay-Z princess. She was supposed to be big. What happened? The media won't say it but we all know that it was Rihanna that stole that thunder as well as the attention from Jay-Z. Soon after Teaira was dropped from Roc-a-fella Records and thus began her downfall.

She's released mixtape, after mixtape, after mixtape, after mixtape over the past 4 years. How many mixtapes can one release? Each mixtape featured the songs that we're supposed to be on her scrapped albums. Believe it or not, I was all down for her and the mixtapes. She was even nominated and won Hustler of the Year award. A lot of the mixtapes were hot.

But after years and years of delay, I became bored. A few months ago when she announced yet another mixtape, I became bored. I took to Twitter to rant my frustrations and long behold, she got a wind of it, followed me, then unfollowed me, then tweeted saying that I don't have to like her music and that it costs me nothing.

She may as well throw in the towel and give it up. Her career is just as washed up as a new born's ass. It's time that she moves on. Either she moves on, or release the sophomore album. What does she have to lose? Nothing! Just release it and see what happens. Leave the mixtapes to the likes of Bow Wow and other starving, struggling. I think she's so much more than a mixtape which is why I've been so disappointed with her.

So that's it. That's my list of one hit wonders. Who made your top five list? Share your list in the comments below! I would love to read them