Frank Ocean's "Forrest Gump" Sparked Gay Rumors / by

It looks as if this is the song that sparked the bisexual rumors with Frank Ocean. The track is called "Forrest Gump". He performed the song live a few months ago at Coachella which features lyrical content from a female's point of view...unless he is infact bisexual then it would be his point of view.

Yesterday the rumors began flying that a number of songs on his new album "Channel Orange" are similar to this one that includes questionable lyrics. In this song, the lyrics are “You run my mind boy / Running on my mind boy / Forrest Gump, I know you Forrest / You wouldn’t hurt a beatle / But you’re so buff and so strong.” Watch the performance below.

Though anything has yet to be confirmed by Mr. Ocean himself, I find it funny that none of this surfaced during the performance. It's weird how two months later, people are starting to talk it up. He had the crowd going wild with the song and performance.

Who knows what he was singing about. Maybe he is bisexual, maybe he's straight. But like I said yesterday, I have my beliefs about men who sing and write songs from a females perspective. There's a little sugar in their tank...and there's nothing wrong with that.

I'm sure we will hear a statement from Frank pretty soon reguarding this. Either he'll clear his name, or step out of the closet...kind of.