Fresh Music: Nelly - "Marry Go Round" (feat. Chris Brown) / by

Nelly is back and is preparing to release his seventh studio album called "M.O." The first single from the project features non other than Chris Brown. The track was produced by Da Internz and is called "Marry Go Round".

No, he's not rapping about at ride at the amusement park. He and Breezy are talking about a girl named Marry and watching he ASS go round. Take a listen at the banger after the break.

And they wonder why they can't catch a break. Find something better to rap about! This is worse than his song "Tip Drill". I mean how much more can you degrade woman in a career. I can already see the video full of women with big asses in bikini.

Nas, Eminem, Lil Wayne, Drake, Kid Kudi, and all these other rappers see success in mainstream because they don't rap about bull like this. SMH. This single will flop and won't amount to the success of his "Just A Dream" song. Now that's the type of music he should have continued to do. What do you think of the song?