Fresh Music: Trey Songz - "Dive In" / by

Trey Songz is gearing up for the "Chapter V" release. The album is set to drop August 21st. The singer already released "Heart Attack" and featured Kelly Rowland in the video. It served as the first single and then the T.I. assisted "2 Reasons" served as the second single.

Now he is taking it back to his "sexing you up" days with this single called "Dive In". He's pretty much describing how he's going to put it down in the bedroom, or the pool, or whatever just so happens to come into your freaky imagination. It's a perfect song for his female and gay fans. Listen to it below.

Yeah, I'm sure you're probably wiping the sweat off of your face.....or from else where. But I'm not. I'm kind of sick of these R&B dudes singing about sex. How come he can't do more music like "Heart Attack" or "Yo Side of the Bed"?

It's like between him and Chris Brown, they really don't have anything else to sing  about except for sex. The thing is, their die hard fans love it. But I'm just getting tired of it. Find something else to sing about. I'm a fan of his but could have been on his last album, or the one before. What do you think about the song?