Is This 6 Month Old Blue Ivy Carter? / by

This picture has been floating around my Facebook news feed and rumored to be lifted from queen Bey's tumblr page. I just figured I'd get your opinion. Do you think this is six month old Blue Ivy Carter? Beyoncé & Jay-Z welcomed her into the world back in January and kept her under wraps.  A few months later, they released public photos of the baby.

Since then, Blue has became a nothing more than a memory since no one has seen or heard anything about the baby since the photos were released. I thought that the Carter's simply forgot that they had a baby because no one spoke of her. Well, now there's this photo and it's rumored to be the newest photo of Blue.

People we're debating because the photo's that were released showed off Blue's dark eyes and not the light brown color that you see above. Some are arguing that babies can't pose like that; holding themselves up by he chin at such a young age. But what do you think? Is this Blue Ivy Carter? Comment below!