Lana Del Rey Will Re-Release "Born To Die" In November / by

Well, this is another artist that's been in my ear from a certain someone. I posted about her once and vowed to never post anything again because I just wanted to be difficult. But, I was convinced. I guess that Lana Del Rey's debut album was "so good" that she's re-releasing it this winter....just in time for the holidays.

"Born To Die - Paradise Edition" will hit stores in November and will feature 7 brand new songs. I still haven't heard the first 12. She revealed the news while speaking to Tim Blackwell from Nova FM radio station. Check out the article below.

“It’s gonna happen” says Lana of the project. “It is not a new album, but an after thought, it’s the ‘Paradise Edition’ of ‘Born To Die’. It’s going to be like 7 new songs, which makes the final statement of the thoughts I was putting across [in Born To Die]. It’s beautiful.
 I’ve been writing slowly for 7 months now”. Confirmed songs that will appear on the set include ‘I Sing The Body Electric’, which Lana performed last month at Radio 1′s Hackney Weekend. ‘In The Land of Gods & Monsters’ and ‘Will You Still Love Me When I’m No Longer Young and Beautiful?’ are also confirmed.

One day, I will give her album the time of day. I'm going to start posting about her because the world and a certain someone worships her. I've watched only one of her videos, and that was by force. I believe it was "Videogames". I didn't dislike it but wasn't all the excited about it either but, maybe she will grow on me the more I post about her. Hmmm we'll see. 

But for you fans, you get another dosage of Alana Del Ray...yes, I typed Alana. That's my nickname for her because Lana just sounds so iffy. It's natural for me to just say Alana instead of saying Lana. But that's another story...