Leona Lewis Performs At The BMW Olympic Joy Festival / by

Leona Lewis's new single may be due out in October but that's not stopping her from giving us material from her  back catalog. Last night, the angelic vocalist perfromed at the BMW Olympic Joy Festival, where she was did four years ago.

She performed three songs, one from each album era. The first was "I Got You" which was lifted from her sophomore effort "Echo". Next up was "Bleeding Love" which was from her debut album "Spirit". Lastly was "Collide" which is from her upcoming album "Glassheart". Watch it below.

Now before you go in on her, let me tell you that she was singing over pre-recorded vocals because she was sick. Also, the audio form this recording was distorted. But if you look past that, you will see that she is simply a stunning vocalist. She did the damn thing and I can't wait for the new single and album to come my way! I will always support her. What did you think of the performance?