Man Gets Busted By His Mother While Attempting Armed Robbery / by

What will go down as the #EPICFAIL of the year is this story. A Mississippi man has been arrested and charged with attempted armed robbery. Roy Mitchell went into a local convience store in Brandon, Mississippi and appear to be purchasing a bag of Doritos.

He stepped to the counter and pulled out his money and then his gun, demanding the clerk to give him all of the money out of the register. Seconds later the robbers own mother came to save the day. She snatched the gun from her son's hand and ordered him out of the store. Check out the article & clip after the break.

BRANDON, MS. (CNN) – A Mississippi man is in jail after a failed robbery attempt, and he has his mother to thank. The 22-year-old suspect’s mom interrupted the crime by snatching her son’s gun away and the entire incident was caught on video.

It was around 11-30 a-m Tuesday when 22 year-old Roy Mitchell entered D’s One Stop Convenience Store on Highway 80 in Brandon. Mitchell quickly grabbed some nacho cheese Doritos and throws them on the counter.

He then hands the clerk two dollars to pay for his snack but then things change dramatically. As she goes to get his change, he goes in his waistband and pulls out a gun. He then points it directly at the clerk and demands all the money in the cash drawer. The cashier doesn’t move as if in shock.

Then a case of maternal intervention. Mitchell’s mother walks up, grabs the gun and orders him out of the store. He obeys leaving with no cash but he does get his chips. As mom tries to explain to the clerk that the gun wasn’t real, begging her not to call the law, she leaves and does just the opposite, calling police to the scene.

Mitchell and his mother leave in a red Oldsmobile, a bolo went out for the car and a short time later it was stopped by Pelahatchie police and Mitchell was taken into custody. Officers found a gun in the vehicle.

Turns out it was a fake, a plastic replica made to look like the real thing. Mitchell is facing attempted armed robbery charges in addition to the embarrassment of having surveillance video of a heist attempt shown up on the evening news where you’re busted by your own mom.

How embarrassing! I know his ass feel so damn dumb. It was really an EPIC fail. Thank god for his mother. She came to save the day. I wish things like this happened more often. If these moms knew what their kids we're actually out there doing the world would be a slighter better place. SMH..