Melanie Amaro Announces New Single / by

I know you have been wondering what happened to Melanie Amaro. She won the U.S. X-Factor competition and released her Pepsi Super Bowl commercial and then just went a-wall. That hiatus was for good reason because she's been recording her debut album which is almost complete.

Earlier today, she took to Twitter the announce the release of her very first single and it's called "Don't Fail Me Now". It will see the light of day on Tuesday, July 31st. It will lead her as of yet titled debut album. Check out her tweets below!

Finally! I've been waiting on this! I'm sure this will be a power ballad and will just blow your favz to smithereens. If you haven't heard anything from her, then you need to type her name into youtube and watch her performances. She has pipes and can definitely keep up with the heavy hitters. I'll be sure to bring it to you on Tuesday so stay tuned.