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Good news for you Destiny's Child fans. According to Mathew Knowles, we could very well be getting some fresh music from Beyoncé, Michelle Williams & Kelly Rowland. The girls are set to release brand new material this coming November.

Matthew spoke with the Huffington Post about the topic at hand. He went on to say that two projects will be released towards the end of the year featuring both released and unreleased Destiny's Child track...nothing new. He also hinted at a reunion tour. Check out the article below.

This year also marks the 20th anniversary of Music World. What are your plans to ensure that you’ll be successful for years to come? 
 We have to be realistic. At Music World we got to shift our direction and certainly stay in music. We’ve grown our Music World Gospel to the fifth largest Gospel label in America. But again, even for the label, we got to partner up. It’s similar to what’s happening in corporate America back in the ’80s. You saw a lot of mergers and acquisitions. We have to be smart in who we can partner with to do it better. We still have our joint venture with Sony and in November we’re putting out two Destiny’s Child catalog records with new material. So we’re going to start doing strategic things like that.  
 New material meaning previously unreleased tracks? 
 It’s all released material with some previously unreleased material.  
 Will there be a Destiny’s Child reunion tour to complement the two projects?  
Not on the first release. It takes a year of planning to do these tours, but first it starts with the artist wanting to do it. And I think the ladies are still working happily in their solo careers. And I hope in the next five years that there is a reunion tour. I think it would be incredible. The hardest thing would be choosing which songs they’re going to do, because we would want to mix it up with solo hits and Destiny’s Child hits. We would have to throw away some number ones from off the set list [Laughs].

Well, there won't be any NEW 2012 music from the ladies, but just unreleased tracks that were recorded god knows when. This is pretty cool. I guess these will be the albums to fulfill the actual contract that they have with Sony.

I doubt that we'll ever get a full length studio album from Destiny's Child. Just the compilations. I don't know what they are waiting on with this reunion tour. There are big $$ to be made from it. They will probably go on tour and never come off. That's how anticipated and serious it is. 

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