Nicki Minaj Does Jay Leno / by

Last night, Nicki Minaj stopped by the Jay Leno show. The entertainer was kicking off her rounds for promoting her newest single "Pound the Alarm". The two sat and talked about a number of things ranging from her move from Trinidad to New York and her working at Red Lobster.

Throughout the interview, the other guy was making awkward jokes attempting to be funny, but it wasn't happening. Nicki just like smiled and waved. She also performed the new single and gave an electrifying number. Check it all out below.

I love watching her interviews. They are just so fun and full of life. When she tells her stories she comes off as a simple person. The performance was nice. I like the look, I liked the moves. I'm still not happy that this is the next single, bu what can I do about it?

I cracked up while watching the interview because whoever recorded it was say "shuut up no one cares about you!" They were saying that to the guy making the lame jokes. Funny!