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Last year, word got out that R.L. was prepping a solo album  aside from his R&B group Next. The album was called "Music 101" but was later scrapped due to severe leakage. Since then, songs have surfaced like "Ain't You" and a few others surfaced around the web and got great reviews.

Now, he's ready to dust himself off and try again. He's rerecording that album and is also working on a brand new album with his singing group. After a few years of working behind the scences producing and writting, he's ready to hit the spotlight again. Check out the article below.

"I re-did the whole thing," RL confirmed in an interview Tuesday night. "Some of the records got leaked." Following work "behind the scenes," including writing records for Mindless Behavior, RL is continuing work on his solo album and a brand new album for NEXT at this time.
"I've been behind the scenes for a while but now I'm back working on my project as well as the group's," RL told the Nikki Rich Show. "I just want to keep it sexy and grown." While RL is focused on keeping his forthcoming material mature, he did break down his thoughts on sexuality in music and the state of the industry as well. Claiming less focus should be placed on gender, sexuality, or even weight, RL believes people really need to focus on talent.
"If you are genuinely yourself, you will be successful," RL said noting talent like Cee Lo and Adele who are simply "authentic unbridled talent." According to RL, Adele proves there is no "blueprint" or perfect recording artist. "It shows you there is no blueprint. There is no perfect artist. 
I don't care what your weight is. I don't care what your gender is or your sexual orientation is. If you have talent, look at Adam Lambert. He's just straight up 'I'm a gay man, but I'm rocking. So what, buy my album' and they (people) do," says RL. "People are worried about the wrong things." 
Taking it a step further, RL says "music is music." "I feel like music is music. I think we classify things too much," says RL. "I think there are artists who are searching for themselves and that's on them. A lot of albums aren't working because they're not being authentic. All of a sudden they (fans) press play and it's something totally different."
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I'm a fan. I was in love with the song I posted back in January called "Ain't You". I still jam to it because it's classic R&B. Can you imagine a Next reunion? It's been quite some time since they've recorded anything.

We've seen older groups make moderately successful comeback, lets hope that they can do it as well. I also ready for him to drop a solo album. The material that leaked was pretty decent stuff.