Tamia Performs "Beautiful Surprise" On Good Day New York / by

And the promotion begins. R&B veteran Tamia has begun the promo for her new album "Beautiful Surprise". It's her second independent album and it's due out August 28th. The songstress stopped by Good Day New York to perform the first single from the project.

Shortly before she took the stage, she spoke with the hosts to talk about her 13 year marriage to former NBA star Grant Hill, the new album, the producers and so much more. You check check it all out right after the break.


Simply lovely. I love the fact that she's doing what she loves. But I hate that she's so underrated. She is such a wonderful singer and has a fantastic voice. She's doing what she loves independently...and she's not the only one. Ashanti has taken that route as well.

One day, this independent thing will blow up, the question is, what artist will make it become the new thing? I've been hearing that there's more money to be made if one goes independent, but it seems so hard to make that money if the material isn't selling like it should.

Big labels have the ties and connections to put the word out there, but it costs an arm and a leg to do. Being independent severs a few of those ties and everything has to be done by you. It makes the job harder, but the rewards are much greater...or so I've heard. So more power to these artists going independent.