Watch: True Blood Season 5 Episode 8 / by

Last night, the latest episode of True Blood rocked HBO and if you missed it, you can watch it right here. As always, the show picked up where the last ended. Vampires were high from drinking the blood of Lilith and thought they saw her rise from the bloody dead.

In this episode, more light will be shed on the death of Jason and Sookie's parents, Eric comes to his senses and tries to snap his sister out of it, Lafayette uses he medium powers to help Arlene break the curse on Patrick and Terry, Tara embraces more of her fierce vampire side with the help of Pam.

Also, Alceed fights the old pack master in order to save an innocent soul, Hoyt was lured to kill his ex girlfriend Jessica, while Sam and his girlfriend continued to hunt down the killers of the supernatural. Also, Bill just might be turning his backs on humans once and for all.Watch the episode below.

It is getting good isn't it! Just a few more episodes to go.