Aaliyah's New Posthumous Album Cover? / by

As the new posthumous album from Aaliyah made news over the past few months and the release of the Drake assisted single "Enough Said", it looks as if her uncle, who is the head of the label that she was signed with, is going on with the release.

Above is the picture tweeted by her uncle himself and is rumored to be the projects official album cover. The album is slated to have 16 unreleased and never before heard songs and will feature contributions from a number of producers.

I love Aaliyah but I was hoping that the cover would have been a nice snap from a never before seen photo shoot or something. This just haunts me. It's eerie looking. It reminds me of the "Rock the Boat" video at the very end as she was descending to the top.

Also that hard looking picture haunts me even more. I don't know, something about seeing her faces just freaks me out. I love the whole water and clouds idea though but I don't know. What do you think about the cover?