Brandy Premieres "Put It Down" Video With Chris Brown / by

It's been a nice long wait but Brandy has finally premiered the video for the single "Put It Down" featuring Chris Brown, which is the first single off of her upcoming album "Two Eleven" which drops in stores October 2nd.

The colorful Hype Williams directed video speaks for itself with it's as Brandy hits the rugged streets and struts her stuff with her female entourage. Breezy held it down with his simple grooves and slick rap and gansta grill. Watch the video after the break.

The video was cute. I wish there was more choreography because she was gettin' it! I never knew she could walk so hard and pop like that. Chris Brown always adds the fun to someone's video. He's just so slick and cool with what he does and he owns it. It doesn't even feel like he was a feature because he was through the entire flick. Now I can get with that.

One thing I wasn't happy with was the shortness of the choreography. It was the much talked about thing and there really wasn't any. Minus a few cat walks and hip thrusts...I was really hoping for more.

Sadly, I do think it's a bit late for the video being that the single was released months ago. I feel that the song has lost it's momentum. But hopefully the video can and will change that. In the mean time, share your thigoughts about the video. Did it live up to your expectaions or was it overly hyped?