Ciara Teases With New Single "Sorry" / by

Singer Ciara has recently updated her social networking sites with the above picture reading "8/20 Sorry". Not only was that uploaded, she also penned an open letter to someone name "You". Everyone has their opinions and thoughts about who "you" actually is.

Some think that it's simply lyrics to the song, other believe that it's a letter to her recently engaged ex boyfriend Amar'e Stoudemire. Regardless of who or what "you" refers to, we know that the new song "Sorry" is expected to surface next Monday. Check out the open letter after the break.

It sounds very heartfelt. If these are indeed lyrics to the song, I can conclude that it will definitely be a ballad. Hopefully one written by Diane Warren since she was said to be working with Ciara on this upcoming album. Diane is known for her heartfelt lyrics on big time ballads. We shall wait until next week to see what this is all about.

This is said to be the official first single from the project "One Woman Army" which is due out in November. Last week we found out that she was shooting two music videos. Maybe one will be for this and the other for "Sweat"?