Ciara's Album Will Drop In November / by

I know you've been wondering what on earth was going on with Ciara. I mean, in June we saw and heard the song "Sweat" and haven't heard anything from her or her team. The world knew that an album was coming but didn't know when, until now. "One Woman Army" is coming your way.

Head of Epic Records, L.A. Reid appeared on a Bravo show & dished on the upcoming project. It looks as if they want to do it right for her. He revealed that not one, but two new music videos are being shot and that her album will be out around Thanksgiving. Check out the article below.

“She’s doing a photoshoot right now as we speak”, he says. “She’s about to shoot two videos and we’re about to drop new Ciara music within the month. We’ve got a brand new album likely for Thanksgiving. That’s the plan”. 

This is actually refreshing to hear. I'm all on board for this comeback and I hope it's big for her. L.A. Reid is the right man for the job. With his stint on X-Factor, that's guaranteeing promotion for Ciara. She will easily perform on that show which is what's been missing from her career.

She hasn't really performed on big time shows and events like this. Her performances all go to schools, and unwatched talk shows. She is a very energetic performer and the world needs to see it. Once she graces that X-Factor stage, it will be the boost that she's been longing for.

Now, lets just hope that they're shooting a video for a different song since "Sweat" crashed and burned. A few weeks ago, a song called "Overdose" leaked in a snippet form and it was met with better reviews. Maybe that will be the next single. Can't wait!!! "LEMME IN YO HEAD!"