Discussion: Beyoncé Giving Oprah The Cold Shoulder? No Interview? / by

Oprah has been nailing interview after interview with celebrity after celebrity. There was the infamous Houston Family interview, then Lady Gaga, Gabby Douglas, Rihanna, and next week Jennifer Hudson. Though, she hasn't been so lucky with nailing other. She was recently turned down by Lauryn Hill.

Fans have been wondering why Beyoncé has yet to visit Oprah's Next Chapter being that the two of them are good friends and all. Over the years, she appeared on the talk show numerous of times to promote various projects like her albums and movies. Oprah answered those questions via Twitter when fans asked. Check them out after the break.

In some folks eyes, she should have to try. People think that Beyoncé should be more than willing to give Oprah an interview as many times as O promoted and praised everything B did. All of her movies, music, performances, and another thing you can think of was promoted by Oprah. She even allowed a spectacular performance on her farewell show.

That was big promotion for Beyoncé who's fourth album "4" failed to meet expectations. Now Oprah needs B and she's either no where to be found, or according to the tweets, simply doesn't want to do an interview. No specific reason why was given but she's been trying to convince B to do one.

Part of me is angry because Oprah needs Beyoncé's help. Lets be real, B is a rating king. She will blow up a television set in a heartbeat if it's announced that she will be featured. If Oprah does pull this off, it will be one of Beyoncé's first in depth sit downs since giving birth to Blue Ivy. The world will kill to see it happen. Hell I could even see Oprah having Blue Ivy on the screen and camera with B.

You would think that after all of these years, something like this wouldn't even be an issue, but it looks like it is. Oprah has encountered a roadblock somewhere with Bey. Friendships shouldn't have those. Not to clown and down on Beyoncé but it sure looks like she's turning her back on her "friend" in need.