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Remember back in March, I told you that a brand new Aaliyah album was in the works and on the way? Then a few short weeks after that, I reported that Drake had a collaboration between him and the late singer in the works? Now more details are emerging.

Reports indicate that Drake will possibly be executive producing a new Aaliyah album and have it out by the years end. Also, that collaboration he mentioned will possibly be debuted this Sunday at the OVO Festival in Canada. Check out the article below.

Exclusive: Drake will reportedly debut his new single at OVO Festival 2012. Drake is reportedly set to executive produce Aaliyah’s upcoming posthumous album. He is also slated to feature the late singer on his new single.
A reliable source with inside knowledge of the situation told HipHopDX that the Young Money rapper, who has a tattoo of the songstress on his back, will sit at the helm for her new LP. Details surrounding the album are scarce, but in March, producer Jeffrey “J. Dub” Walker said that an unreleased song titled “Steady Ground” will appear on the project. Aaliyah’s brother, Rashad Haughton, later said that no such album was in the works.
In late March, Drake hinted to Tim Westwood that he had some “special things” related to Aaliyah in motion. “I have some great Aaliyah news coming soon,” he said. “Just some special things. Just gave you that, just a little. Because I said, I’m with Westwood, so I can’t not.
But great things, great things for music, period.” Additionally, Drake, who sampled Aaliyah’s “At Your Best (You Are Love)” for his track “Unforgettable,” is reportedly set to feature her vocals on his upcoming single. He is set to debut the song at the OVO Festival, taking place this Sunday (August 5th) at Toronto, Canada’s Molson Amphitheatre.
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I don't know how I feel about this. I do know that Aaliyah's family (her brother) shot own the rumors earlier this year saying that no album was being done or supported by the family. After I read that, I clearly said the way it was worded made me feel that someone else was going to make an album happen and they weren't too happy about it.

Now it looks as if Drake is that person. It's crazy because he didn't even know the woman. How can he executive produce an album that he has no personal ties to? I think he's just obsessed with her. HE has a tattoo of her on his back for god's sake.

I'm all for a new album from Aaliyah but it should be done the right way. Her family should have a say in this. I mean, her brother was her best friend. She went to him and had his approval for everything that she did. Why would Drake do something like that, knowing that Aaliyah was a family oriented woman?

She will rise from the dead and slap his ass if he's not careful. I understand he misses her and he's possibly doing this for the fans, but if you have to go against everything that Aaliyah stood for to do something like this, then it's not worth it...not in my eyes.

It's all just as creepy as these photos that he probably photo shopped himself....