Fresh Music: Aaliyah - "Enough Said" (feat. Drake) / by

As promised, Drake has delivered. As I reported a few days ago, he is set to executive produce a posthumous Aaliyah album and this is one of tracks that will be featured on the project. It will be an album full of unreleased and never before heard track from the late singer who died almost 11 years ago in a plane crash when she was only 22.

The track is called "Enough Said" and Drake is billed as a feature, dropping a few lines. The song was produced by Noah 40. There's no word on when the song was recorded on Aaliyah's behalf but the productions sounds just as fresh and a brand new day. Give the song a listen below.

While I love the song, I love it to death. But I just can't get over the fact at how this is all bring done. This is an album that will come out and it will have nothing to do with Aaliyah's family, Timbaland or Missy Elliot. They we're the most important things to Aaliyah at the time of her death.

So for Drake to do this is pretty much a slap in the face. His verse on the song was uncalled for. I said it before and I'll say it again, Aaliyah didn't know this kid. If she was brought back to life at this very moment, he would be a stranger to her. He didn't exist in her time.

And yet, he's walking around, getting tattoos of her and her birthday engraved onto his body is just a bit too much. It really weirds me out. I'm more than happy about the fact that I finally have some new Aaliyah music. Lord knows that I've dreamed about this day for quite sometime. Hearing her voice just brings a few tears to my eyes.

 I'm sure that the Haughton family will release a statement soon, because I'm sure this didn't get their approval. It will make the entire thing look tacky. Drake did that already by dissing Chris Brown on the track. Don't you DARE use the music of our beloved one to take a shot at another artist. It's just plain disrespectful.

Aaliyah wasn't that way. She did no harm nor did she beef with anyone, so Drake needs to release the track without his lousy vocals on there because the song will be, and will do just fine without him on there taking jabs. It's lame, it's a bitch move, it's corny. Get over yourself Drake and let this Aaliyah thing go. Please. If she knew what was happening she would slap the Canadian blood from you.

Like I said, as much as I love the song and Aaliyah, I will not buy it, unless her family is on board. If the family isn't supporting this, the I will not either. It's just not right...What are your thoughts?


According to the official Aaliyah Twitter account, which is ran by her family, they are on board with the new song. Peep some tweets and retweets below.

So I guess all systems are go...I will love and support the song. However I still think Drake is foul for the Chris Brown diss...smh.