Fresh Music: Brandy - "Wildest Dreams" / by

Several months after releasing the lead single for her upcoming album "Two Eleven" with Chris Brown, singer Brandy is pushing forward with her second single. The track is called "Wildest Dreams" and was penned by Sean Garrett & produced by The Bizness.

The song has a complete late 90's throwback feel to it. She ventures back into the groovy side of R&B and definitely snags a feel good track for her album. She sings about the thought of finding  true love was in her wildest dreams. Listen to the track below.

Oh yeah. I can get with this. I just love the classic throwback feel that it has. The chorus as well is simply amazing. Her layered vocals laces the groovy melody and it kind of brings back those old summer memories I had growing up listening to the radio. This right here is ol' skool Brandy and I can dig it!! What do you think about the track?