Fresh Music: Mariah Carey - "Triumphant (Get 'Em)" feat. Rick Ross & Meek Mill / by

Here it is, the moment you've been waiting for. Here is the highly anticipated first single from Mariah Carey's return to the music word. This is the first single lifted from her upcoming album which is due out this Fall.

The track features rappers Rick Ross and Meek Mill. It's called "Triumphant (Get 'Em)". This is it, the world premiere of the song. Lambs all over are probably rejoicing and singing kum-by-yah. Give the track a go below.

So, the wait is over and it's quite disappointing. This song does NOT scream comeback single. Hell, it does't even scream Mariah. The first two minutes of the song has Meek Mill and Rick Ross rapping, with her singing the hook. Then she comes in with the bridge.

So no, no ma'am. This isn't it. I feel like it was a cheap opportunity for her too hurry and put something out since she was just named the judge on American Idol. That it and that's all. This could have easily been on Rick Ross' new album and her labeled as a feature.

I think it was overly hyped as always. It's not a bad song. It has a great R&B feel and vibe to it, this is just a song thatt should be included on the album and NOT released as a single. But you and I know that this song will be dubbed as a buzz single as the weeks fly by.

I can't see her performing something like this on American Idol...but by the time the show airs, I'm sure she will be well on her 3rd or 4th single, granted the album does well. Was it worth the a wait? What do you think of the song? Did it live up to your expectations?