Fresh Music: Mariah Carey - "Triumphant Get 'Em" ( Vintage Throwback Remix) / by

This is what I consider a very weak attempt to help her weak single "Triumphant (Get 'Em)" some attention. Yesterday, she world premiered her song which features Rick Ross and Meek Mill and it was met with not so great reviews from lambs around the world.

The very next day, a "vintage throwback remix" of the song was released without the rappers. It features nothing but Carey singing slowly over a dance production. Her goal is to get the song out to all formats of radios so that she can snag a hit....but it's not gonna happen. Listen to it below.

The song is definitely a lot better than the mess that was released at first. But really? Why not just release this as the song in the first place? She's trying to save face by giving the urban listeners what they want and expect, instead of being deemed a sell out to the dance that's been sweeping the airwaves.

It's simple. She doesn't want to be deemed a pop star, but she wants to revive R&B music with this album. Sorry to say MiMi but it ain't happening. This remix will do 10 times better than the original...if it's released as an actual single but like I said, it will go down as a buzz single.


The diva participated in a conference call via Def Jam and talked about a number of things from the state of R&B music, her new album and more. Listen in below.