Fresh Music: Melanie Amaro - "Don't Fail Me Now" / by

Here it is, the premiere of "Don't Fail Me Now" by X-Factor winner Melanie Amaro. The track was produced by Darkchild and written by Livvi Frank. It's the first single lifted from her upcoming debut album which will be out later in the year.

Give it a listen below.

This song is not for her. I don't think this type of production fits her or the style she had while on X-Factor. This is more of a Jordin Sparks thing. Melanie is a soul artist, not a dance pop star. I don't know what L.A. Reid was thinking, but this song should have been passed onto someone else.

It's not a bad song at all, but it's not what I expected from Melanie. It's just not her genre. I was looking forward to a nice powerhouse ballad or something with some soul in it. This song, Darkchild tried to give it some soul with all of the yelling towards the end, but it's an epic fail. It does not scream soul to me.

Now that I've heard the song, I'm curious to see what makeover she received. This song is to make her more appealing for radio so I'm sure there will be a drastic change with her look. Smh...I'm disappointed. What do you think of the song?