Fresh Music: Melanie Amaro - "Love Me Now" / by

Melanie Amaro gets it right with this track. The song comes right after the mixed reviews of her single "Don't Fail Me Now". It looks like Epic Records took my advice and put out a nice ballad. The name of this track is called "Love Me Now".

I think she's scored a hit with this one. It's the track that I was expecting to hear first and I'm almost sure that this will be included on the debut album and featured as an official single. Because the first one won't cut it. Listen to it below.

Oh yeah. I love this song. It's like 10 times greater than the first and that's all I have to say about it! This is the Melanie Amaro that I've been waiting for. The cover looks soooo much better than the first one. It's just so fierce and she's giving me what I want!

What do you think about the song?