Fresh Music: Taylor Swift - "We Are Never Getting Back Together" / by

She's back! Taylor Swift is making her return to the music realm with a brand new album and single. This time around, she's ditched the country tempo for a more urban pop smash. She's enlisted Max Martin and Shellback to helm the production of the track.

The song has already topped the iTunes chart and his expected to make a big splash on Billboard's Hot 100 next week. The song is called "We Are Never Getting Back Together"  and is the first single from her new album "Red" which hits stores this October. Listen to the infectious song below.

album cover
This is like, my new favorite song! I never knew this side of Taylor existed. I thought she was a country pumpkin. But this, this just puts the icing on the cake that I wish I had right now. Everything about this song is perfect. Be prepared kids, she's about to SLAY!!

Those high school girls will eat this up! This song will become the anthem for the Fall school year. I can already see this included on movie trailers as well as in the movies. Taylor is a hot shot and is only gonna get hotter after this!

The production, her vocals, the chorus is HUGE. Not to mention her comedic ad-libs throughout the track..."LIKE EVER!"  I know how I get with music that I like...I keep it on repeat for days. The last song was Trey Songz's "Simply Amazing" and now this has replaced it! Absolutely love it!! What do you think of the track?