Kelly Rowland Shoots Down Destiny's Child Album Rumors / by

Last month, I reported that Mathew Knowles confirmed that there will be Destiny's Child album dropping before the years end. It was said that the album would be a compilation of hits, as well as unreleased Destiny's Child music followed by a reunion tour within the year.

Well, Kelly Rowland has just shot down those rumors while speaking with MTV News. When asked about the unreleased music she looked surprised and stunned as if it was all news to her. Then she was asked about the reunion and answered that they're all enjoying their time together. Check it out below.

Well, there goes that. I wonder what the hell Mathew has up his sleeve? He probably will just do this on his own terms without the girls consent or approval. I mean, they may have fired him as their solo managers, but he's still the head of Destiny's Child.

Word has it that the group owes a few more albums to complete their Columbia Records contract. I wonder what Beyoncé and Michelle has to say on this now that we've heard and seen Kelly's startling reaction.