Keshia Chanté Tributes Aaliyah in New Photo Shoot / by

Keshia Chanté is the girl that was supposed to portray the late singer Aaliyah in a biopic. That has since been put on hold until the family is ready so share her life with the world to see. I'm sure you can see why she was chosen, they look strikingly similar.

Aaliyah has been in the music headlines more than ever since her death with the talk of the new album and her Drake assisted single "Enough Said"...and it won't end there. Keshia shared a throwback R&B photo shoot with her fans to tribute the singer. Check out more photos below.

I really hope that the biopic gets the green light. I would love to see her play Aaliyah. I'm sure she will nail it. Though, no one could ever fill her shoes completely, Keshia comes close. She said that she watched videos of her, footage and everything to capture Aaliyah's essence for the movie, then it was all put on hold until further notice.

With the buzz sourrounding the album, I hope that it all just pushes through. It will be a good way to reintroduce Aaliyah to her old fans and newer ones. What do you think of the photo shoot!? Keshia nailed it!!!

Also, did you know that she is Drake's ex-girlfriend? Drake also revealed that if Aaliyah was still alive, he would have tried to date her...At least we know his tastes in women, but that doesn't explain where this whole attraction to  Rihanna thing came from because she's nothing like them.