Lindsay Lohan To Star In Lady Gaga's New Music Video / by

Lindsay Lohan and Lady Gaga have become the best of friends over the past couple of months. The two women have been spending a lot of time together, going out and such. Well now that cat is out of the box. Word has it that Lindsay will be the star of Gaga's new video.

The news comes rolling in days after her new album title, "ARTPOP", was announced. That is the name of Gaga's new album as well as a song from the project. There's no word on what or when a single will drop but I can feel that the promotional bandwagon is about to jump start.

"She will be in Gaga's video. They've become good friends, they talk and text all the time," a source tells E! News about the collaboration. "Gaga really likes Lindsay and Lindsay is really happy to be able to be part of it—she has a genuine respect and admiration for Gaga and her music."
Source: E! 

Looks like Lindsay's acting career is jumping off. Lets hope that Lady Gaga can resurrect it from the watery grave.