Mariah Carey Releases "Triumphant" Video / by

It looks as if Mariah Carey is going full speed ahead with this mess she calls "Triumphant". This is the first single lifted from her comeback album which will be out in March 2013. The track features Rick Ross and Meek Mill, who both make cameos in the video.

Other than being a feature on her own song, she's also featured in the video parading around the boxing ring, holding up round signs with a big fat grin stretched across her face as if it's cute. Check out the Nick Cannon directed video after the break.

As much as I hate the song, I hate the video more. I mean, she's practically a video girl. She looks utterly stiff and boring throughout the video and she's doing exactly what I expected her to do....NOTHING! So I'm not surprised. This video will flop just as hard as the song did.