Mariah Carey to Release New Album In March / by

All eyes are on March 2013 as Billboard reported that singer Mariah Carey will drop her next studio album. Randy Jackson, her manager, confirmed the news and also stated that there's an upcoming major television performance in the works for the singer.

He also revealed that the video for her less than "Triumphant" single which was directed by her husband Nick Cannon and features Rick Ross & Meek Mill, will see a release within the next few weeks. The song has failed to top anyone's chart after being released on iTunes a few days ago.
Mariah Carey 's new single "Triumphant (Get 'Em)" has already generated plenty of buzz, especially after she announced last week that there are three versions of it (a hip-hip take featuring Rick Ross and Meek Mill, a "vintage throwback remix" and a "pulse club mix."
But fans have plenty more to look forward to before her next album, which is tentatively due in March. Carey's manager, Randy Jackson, tells that she has a "big performance planned soon for television," a vague but tantalizing hint.
Jackson reveals that "Triumphant" was inspired by Carey's husband, Nick Cannon and his fight with kidney failure, and that the just-shot video will be directed by him as well. The clip is set to debut in the coming weeks.

Source: Billboard

Well, who didn't see this coming? We all know that American Idol premieres in Janurary and the first few months are nothing but auditions, then come March, the actual competition starts. That means more airtime for miss Carey and more people to actually sit in the living rooms and watch her on a weekly basis.

So there's not doubt that the album was going to drop then. It only makes sense. Cross promotion. Remember, I said that Jennifer Lopez did the exact same thing and fell flat on her face because it didn't work. With the lukewarm response for Mariah's new single, she will fall just a flat. Mark my words.