Fresh Music: Rita Ora - "Radioactive" / by

It appears Roc Nation darling; Rita Ora has at last unleashed a song not only worthy of the immense hype that she’s garnered since her much-publicized launch with UK chart-topper "Hot Right Now" but also a song with some oomph and much-needed excitement.

Check out Radioactive below…

Now while her previous singles ‘R.I.P.’ and ‘How We Do (Party)' were definitely listenable and likeable, it goes without saying that they were overall pretty average offerings especially coming from someone who’s been scooped up by Hip-Hop heavyweight Jay- Z as well as being touted as the next Rihanna.

However ‘Radioactive’ is a breezy, fun, atmospheric dance-pop track helmed by Australian singer-songwriter Sia that demonstrates Ms Ora oozing the personality, sass and strength in her vocals that only seem to emerge in her live performances as opposed to the near-lifeless vocals showcased on promo single ‘Roc the Life’.

This song stands not only as Rita’s most supreme offering to date but it also has the potential if promoted correctly to be Rita’s breakthrough US hit single.