NEW VIDEO: Trey Songz – Hail Mary / by


These are all words that absolutely embody R&B star Trey Songz


Anyways Mr. I Invented Sex continues the campaign to support his banal new album, Chapter V by releasing a video for the god-awful Hail Mary featuring Lil Wayne & Young Jeezy.

Check it out below…


Although the football theme was different for Songz and had some laughable moments due to Kevin Hart’s cameo appearance, the clip contains pretty much what we’ve come to expect from Trey which means hot chicks parading around in scantily-clad attire, Trey popping bottles with his many bimbos and Weezy F.Baby looking more and more like an insect with every new feature.

Trey has become so derivative and stale it’s a joke and he shifts backward with each new release (yet he has the courage to take shots at R.Kelly!)

Almost everything we see or hear from him is nothing we haven’t seen or heard before and leaves no impression on listeners because he’s become completely & utterly PREDICTABLE.

Chapter V is now in stores - Will you be rushing out to purchase his album?

I certainly won’t and what it makes the situation even more shocking is that he hasn’t even given me enough incentive to purchase seperate tracks.

Can we get less of this…

And more of this…