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Today marks the 11th year anniversary of R&B singer Aaliyah untimely death. The young star died in a plane crash on August 25, 2001 along with eight others. Her presence is definitely missed and her legacy continues to live on through her music and her videos.

Over the past few years, most recently this year, she has been making headlines. There was a biopic about her life and legacy in the works and now there's an entirely new album on it's way which will feature never before heard tracks from her. Many people wish she was still here today.

Fans and friends everywhere can only think of how big she would have been and question would there be a BeyoncéCiara, Rihanna or Ashanti as her influences are found in each and every one of them. Needless to say, this isn't a post to compare them all, but to remember the highest, most exalted one, Aaliyah.

Here are just a few of my absolute favorite songs and videos and memories from her. Enjoy.

She was a smooth dancing machine. You couldn't tell her anything! I remember when I first saw it back in 2000 and I asked myself where had she been? She had been gone for 3 years away from the music scene. Who knew that she would have died just a year later.

"One in a Million" is a classic and will forever will be. Everyone loved this song and it's video back in 1996. So many girls tried to look like her, with the hair swoop over the eye. I also saw a lot of studded eye patches during Halloween for the next few years.

This was one of the songs that opened people's eyes and made them realize that Aaliyah had a voice and that she could actually sing. Lots of people looked down on her vocal ability back in the 90's because she was marketed as a cool, laid back and mellow girl with a low register. Here's another one.

And it's live performance..

She was the youngest singer and the first African American to ever perform at the Oscars. It happened in 1998. But she definitely had some pipes. Watch as she gives you a taste of her Whitney Houston chops.

Had she had the chance to work with Whitney, we would have probably seen some great music get created. Even if the movie "Sparkle" was done, the world would have heard her big voice. Yup, for those of you who didn't know, Aaliyah was supposed to play the role of Sparkle in the movie along side Whitney. After she died, the film was put in a vault. Watch as Whitey talked about Aaliyah when she was still here with us.

I'm sure the two of them are having a ball together up there. Aaliyah had a number of things lined up for her before she left this life. There was of course "Sparkle", there were the sequels to the "Matrix" movies. She did some filming for the movie before she died and it looked like she had a lot of fun.

She was also confirmed to do the movie "Honey" which catapulted Jessica Alba to stardom. No filming or anything was done on that so there's unfortunately no footage of Babygirl dancing to the beats. That just lets you know that she was set to be bigger than life. But it was all cut short 11 years ago today. She died doing what she loved, and she loved entertaining her fans. "Rock the Boat" was the last video she shot and in my opinion, it's one of the sexiest and the best.

I sometimes still can't get over her death. I get upset because I think back and realize that "Rock the Boat" and other songs never got performed by her and I'll never ever get to see one. I watch her videos and listen to her music almost daily. It's a habit. I'm a huge Aaliyah fan and the fact that there's new music coming out from her excites me. I can't wait for a release date. "Enough Said" is a cool feel good track. It's classic Aaliyah.

Even music that was recorded over 10 years ago, sounds so fresh. Like she was recording music before her time. The type of music she was doing back then, fits music that artists are putting out today. She was ahead of the game. If she ever had the chance to grace X-Factor, it would look a little something like this.

She's deeply missed but will never ever be forgotten. Her family and friends sends love to her almost every day. Timbaland, Missy Elliott and other always share their love for the late singer and that is something that will never ever change.

She was someone that impacted the lives of millions of people worldwide. She was graceful, always humble and very lovable. Her death sent shock waves around the world. 11 years ago today was a very very sad day. I remember it like it was yesterday. The crazy thing was, I didn't find out about it until the next day Aug. 26, 2001. I woke up and my dad showed me the news paper and asked "did you hear about Aaliyah?"

I got up an read the headlines and couldn't believe it. It went in the bathroom and started balling. I mean I was crying a river. It happened on this very day. Aug. 25, 2001, 6:50pm was a Saturday, just like today. It was the weekend, I spent the last summer days at my father's place before school began. I was always outside, no t.v. or radio to keep me informed.

That's how I missed out on the info Saturday, and found out about it Sunday morning. It was all over newspapers, news stations, music channels and everything. That night after I cried all of my tears away, I had a dream about her. I posted this story before and I'm doing it again. In the dream, I saw her, dancing in all white with a long black ponytail with a reddish orange looking background. And that is all I could remember.

My older sister knew how much I loved and adored her, so I told her about the dream I had a few days later. She said "she knows that you're a true fans so she gave you a glimpse of her." I was young and didn't think anything of it. When the video was released in January, I was it on 106th & Park and I screamed "THAT'S THE DREAM I HAD!!!" My sister looked at me in shock.

She couldn't believe it! It was so weird so, til this very day I feel that I have a connection with Aaliyah. I feel that she came to me, in my dreams and gave me a glimpse of the future. I saw her video well before anyone else did. I knew what she looked like, I knew what she was wearing, I knew how her hair was done. This was all before the video premiered because I had this dream in Sunday night Aug. 26th after the passed.

I just thought I'd share that again. I thank Aaliyah and her family for giving us such a wonder gift. Though, short lived, she made a huge impact on me and my life. Her music is one of the many reasons why I am, who I am today. It lives in me.

Rest in peace Aaliyah. 
Love -Dimp